The Gap Salesman

Imagine you were a Salesman. You represent a very Reputed firm the products of which Lead the Markets wherever they are sold. they are sold at a premium to the Next Best in the Fray.

so you as a Proud Salesman of this great firm – go and meet customers and talk about all the great Attributes of your firm and its Products and Service. Your brochure Talks about all the Great accomplishments and the many awards that the Firm has recd.

by any chance would there be anything negative mentioned about the company or its products in your Marketing brochure or in your Sales Talk. That surely wouldn’t mean that your Products are flawless or maintenance proof or service proof – whatever.
But, you get the drift.
You as your firms salesman speak the best about your company and its products.

how many of us take that effort to make our Resume to talk the Best about ourselves and our accomplishments. Now hold on – sometimes I come across resumes written in 3rd Person . “He studied in NIT …” He worked in … ” . that not what I mean when I say take a leaf from the Marketing Brochure of your Firm. What i mean is show yourself in the Best Possible light. that means – highlight your accomplishments – get into the specifics of achievement keeping in mind the attention span of your reader and the time constraints.

The resume is nothing but a Marketing document – an “advertisement”. It has to reveal enough in the 10-20 secs span to get a call. that is it.

Do not dwell on your negatives – don’t explain any warts in your resume. the warts can be disclosed during the interview.

So this has to be kept in mind when you are getting your resume ready.Too much info and you are risking a miss.
I come across resumes 5 page long with entire project details. My advice would be – to bullet your projects and discuss details in the telecon or F-to-F interview. Or you could do one better – prepare your project details in a separate document (expanded resume) and hand it out during the interview process. Now that would look really Professional.

Hope I haven’t digressed too far. To recap – short and crisp resumes , period.


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