Tell me about yourself

In your next interview you are likely to be welcomed with the above phrase or its variants. This is a stock question used as a loosen-er or icebreaker. But, its surprising how many candidates are just not prepared for it.

You might consider it useless meaningless but first meetings between people especially involve small talk and this is one such – “small talk ” question.

It is to your advantage to make the best use of it instead of being silent, fumbling or just plain drifting.

So, here is a tactic that you might try out to prepare your self for this ice breaker.

Just for a Moment Imagine, that you are on TV, and , you have 30 seconds to advertise a product and the “product” in this case is you.
Just take a moment to imagine – camera zoomed in on you , the audience on the other side , waiting …….. What will you talk about? what will you tell this audience that would be factual yet will get them interested in you? which one single achievement will you touch upon? which unique quality of yours would you speak about? You dont have just 30 seconds to capture the attention of your audience.

Try this. It would work wonders.

Doing such an exercise would help you to focus your mind to the most relevant, most exciting aspects of your experience – from the perspective of the interviewer.

what do you think?
Your feedback and suggestions are important to me.

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