Interview Feedback

You have attended the interview have performed to your satisfaction but checking with your recruiter gets you the info that someone else is shortlisted. Not, an exciting place to be in but unavoidable.

to make the best use of the situation would be to get feedback about why you were not shortlisted. but, this is easier said than done.

An external recruiter is not privy to all the decisions taken during the interview. So he/she can help you only to certain extent – but that is the best shot you have got.

Typically the hiring decision has many ” intangible” factors which all go into the brought category of “Fit”. You are technically competent but are not shortlisted to a lack of fit – then chances of getting a pinpoint feedback is kind of ruled out.

In a number of cases the match has more to do with chemistry and personality rather than purely technical criteria. So, the recruiter might not be able to help you out much.

But in cases where these reasons are not the deciding factors then its best to followup with the recruiter and be ready with specific questions concerning the JD and the way the interview was conducted.

Another option is to take the help of an insider incase you have one.

and, at the end of it all be prepared to face some unpleasant answers

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