Drivers and the Driven

The workplace consists of 2 types of people

1. Drivers &

2. the Driven.( Not self driven)

These two types are not separated by roles or position titles. they are found in every corner of the workplace – every level , every role – you name it.

They seem to be anatomically differentiated by a simple On/Off switch inside their heads.

When they reach a certain fork on the road – one type chooses the “ON” switch the other goes for the “Off” switch.

And what is this fork?

When an assigned task is fully done and over with – one type asks the question – what is the next thing that i can do? Finds an answer and starts to work on that. The “ON” switch.

And guess what the other type does – well when they reach the same fork – they wait for the next set of instructions.

Which switch do you choose?

Too simple maybe?


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