Number Delete Kar Diya?

Today I recd a call from an old school pal with whom i had got reconnected a couple of years back.

Today when he called – even as i was checking out who the caller was he blurted out – Arey Yaar tumne mera number delete kar diya ? He just couldn’t believe that his number wasnt stored in my mobile.I chose not to tell him that his number was not there not because i had intentionally deleted it but, just that I had lost my entire contact list a couple of months ago – while doing a software upgrade.

I did’nt tell him because when i used to call him for a chat off and on after our reconnect our man either wouldnt take the call or respond with a curt i am very busy – without ever bothering to call back. This had happened a few times and since then i had stopped calling.Probably now he was feeling guilty.

Today he called up to ask a favor to help out his Nephew.

It occurred to me, that even in lesser relationships – like candidate/recruiter types the lines need to be kept oiled . You never know when you might need to activate them. some people understand this principle pretty well. Others have’nt really caught up with it.

You never know if too much time goes by you too might end up with – ” Arey tumne mera number delete kar diya ?”

After writing this post I am trying to recall who all among my friends would have possibly deleted my number by now.


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