email no more.

I receive over 100+ resumes through mail a day from candidates to whom I haven’t spoken yet. Call it an idle boast – there are Recruiters who get 2 or 3 times that number daily – maybe more.

So if you happen to be one such candidate the chances are quite low that you get a response or even a read receipt.

But if you have taken the trouble to speak to the recruiter, discuss your profile with him/her and then forward your resume you can rightly expect a response probably even demand it.

And, that’s about it.

In the span of week your mail and your resume attached to it has sunk deep. 500-1000 resumes deep. Scary isn’t it ?

If you call after a month or 15 days chances are you are starting from scratch. Is there really anyone to blame?

Offcourse! you might be the lucky one if the recruiter has found a match for you. But thats a different story.

Is there an alternative to these sendings and waitings.

Yes. Linkedin for one, Twitter for another if we are talking Professional Networking. There are a ton of other sites pandering to varying social tastes.

If you are reading this blogpost you are probably familiar with Linkedin.If you aren’t get in on it – take the first steps and hang on. The rewards will follow.

All these tools are there to magnify your presence and help you stay in touch with a wider Network. Linkedin makes it very easy for professionals to stay in touch in a non intrusive manner. I guess that is the key. Email requires a certain level of time commitment to respond just to stay in touch. whereas messaging through linked-in or twitter helps you stay in touch with a recruiter without specifically restricting yourself to job talk.

I am not sure if I have been convincing enough.

But this is the way forward.


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