Moving to a different Industry

Got a call from a candidate having over 9 yrs sales experience. He was keen on moving to a different industry.

You can do an industry shift- only thing is along with the usual approach to recruiters you need to have a parallel slightly different approach.

Typically when corporates approach Recruiters to fill a position they have already made up their minds about what kind of candidate profile they are looking at for such and such a role. So the recruiters mandate is pretty straightforward – fetch this “animal” and he fetches – thru whatever means.

for him to be able to push a candidate from an entirely different industry is going to be a long shot – unless he is able to show ample skills ahich are directly transferable. Plus if he has a good rapport with the decision makers it helps.

But a far better approach would be to connect directly( linkedin) with people in your target industry, preferably the decision makers or people close to them and in stages push your case. this would be the Best bet.

2nd would be to dip yourself in the waters of the chosen industry. attend the industry seminars, industry exhibition and get a friend in the industry with whom you talk and clarify the jargons. All this helps to smoothen the process.

Was it useful?

any other options come to mind?

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