Bad Service and some other thoughts

Outlook not connecting to the Mail server.

And tata indicom guys are notoriously inefficient in giving any solution.

Have already called four times spoken to four different reps with no respite in sight. Not a great way to start the day.

i am reading the book by seth godin – “Permission Marketing” . In it he has a very interesting insight for job seekers.

I quote – ” an interruption marketer looks for a job by sending resumes to 1000 strangers. a permission marketer gets a job by focussing on one company and networking with it, consulting for it and working with it until the company trusts him enough to offer him a fulltime position.” 

In a very broad sense – Interruption Marketing is a wham bam thankyou mam concept. a very prevalent and accepted concept of the industrial age. and age which is one the decline.

while permission marketing is concept which is contingent on building trust.






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