Quick Tip

You have applied to a position, but you find the Recruiter telling you that your profile is not suiting the role. what do you do?

a) you try to explain to the recruiter that you have done this , this and this that was mentioned on the JD. Maybe the recruiter didnt see it, maybe it was not prominent enough , maybe just maybe – you left it out completely.

b) this is the key. Now you have got to make the requisite changes on your resume. No point in re-sending the same resume – and leave it for the recruiter to decipher your stuff. if you say you have done something show it on your resume. Take that trouble.

I had a long chat with a candidate yesterday trying to explain – why he was not suiting the position. He convinced me otherwise , going on to mention that he had done exactly what the JD asked for.

I was convinced and asked for his resume.

Today I got the resume – only to find the same old stuff without any mention of the relevant stuff.

Do you think I would shortlist his resume?





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