Jumpin Jack

Its ok to  start your career with tentative jumps from firm to firm till you get a company which you find good to work with – content wise – salary wise etc. It might not be 100% to your expectations but you do some give and take and look to make some contribution.

Question is how many jumps are you allowed before you get the of this blog title – “jumpin jack” . it does rhyme well  but see to it that it doesnt rhyme with your career progression.

Continuing to look around for very long will give the impression of a fickle mind – not having a long term career view in mind.

I hear quite a few candidates mentioning they wanted to learn and grow fast and since such opportunities were not available  they took a jump.  jumping laterally for a few 1000’s doesn’t equate to learning and growth.

so next time you decide to take a jump after 6months in a firm – give some thought to how it would pan out – in your career.


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