The problem of choice

Seth Godin in his book – “small is the new big” speaks about the problem of choice.

now customers have a problem of choice. just too many options to choose from. without a clear notion of what is your non negotiable want – things can become pretty messy.

for instance nowadays you find – home buyers finding the perfect location , the right floor , the right size of the apartment at the right price – yet refuse it because the facade was’nt right.

Its a similar situation with candidates. there are just too many options available currently in india. And if you happen to have the basic minimum qualification you have got it made.

Yet we find promising careers floundering before 5 years are over. Average changes in resumes – is 3-4 jobs in a five year period and that isnt an exaggeration.

what would a candidate have learnt in a year about the job? and what would he / she have contributed.

Actually in many cases I find the attitude towards the job is like one towards the proverbial donkey. it got whipped and thrashed by its owner – who just wanted to extract whatever he could out of the poor animal.

Sad to say but that seems to be the fate of some of the jobs or to put it rightly the attitude shown towards them.

what do you say? not so?


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