Networking & Relationship Building

I strongly believe in the effectiveness of Networking and have posted a few times on the importance of building up your network. But adding people to your linked on Facebook list alone is not equal to building your network.

For the Network to grow your relationship with the people in the network needs to grow. Numbers help ,surely,  the more people in your network the easier it is to bring value to people in your network by connecting them to each other.But, high numbers without much direct contact – doesnt augur well.

In the Network you can be both a node and a channel depending on the situation. In fact that is what makes the network vibrant.

Bombarding your contacts lists with requests for referrals or connections goes to erode and finally stops a relationship from developing.  Chrisbrogan a veteran blogger and a thoroughbred net-worker talks about a ratio. the number of times you help a person before you ask him for a favour is 10:1. Now, helping does’nt include sending unsolicited mail however funny or entertaining.

As someone as said -” its all in the Relationship honey”  – all business is built on relationships. It is the relationships that are the source of learning, growth, and opportunity. Investing in one quality relationship can yield more than 10k contacts.

Thats the challenge.

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