Resume ki Kahani

Har Resume key peechey ek kahani chipi hoti hai..

Every Resume tells a story. some tell a story of sheer professionalism of being perfect candidates , thorough in their jobs. Having an uncluttered desk and a speck less office space. Of firm steps and confident gait.

there are others that tell a story of dirty finger nails, unpolished shoes, unkempt hair, shuffling gait and work left half done.

Now you must be thinking that I am pulling a fast one on you.

Not really.

Its all about association. People associate certain things or certain acts with certain other behaviors. that’s how judgement are made. Maybe some of you would say thats wrong – thats not the way it should be – but let me give you a clue. thats the way it is.

So how does all this effect your resume. Well , the way things are currently your resume is the very first point of contact-with your prospective employer. It might not be so after 5-10 years . but, lets stay at the present.  and if that is the case then you have to get  your resume past the first barrier.

We take 5-10 seconds to make a first impression about a person. Thats all. that impression might change later. but thats all it takes.

We all make snap judgements – so – it makes sense to spruce up the resume so that you pass the show up test. Make it worthwhile for both you and the recruiter to take the communication forward. The onus is on you.

And after all it is your story – make the best out of this opportunity to publish your story. And make it interesting for me.


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