Lets get on with it & CL

I was chatting with a senior Corporate professional today and the discussion as it is almost always wont to, in such situations, veered towards the economy. I wanted to know from him his feeling about where the economy is heading.

He very frankly admitted that he had absolutely no idea. and added – There is so much talk of Italy, sinking, Greece already sunk Portugal and Spain soon to follow, for all we know the fellows in Italy and Spain would be sitting in a bar enjoying their beer. And we from 10000 km away would be trying to gauge their pulse.

Serves no purpose. Any amount of analysis is not going to help. so lets get on with the work at hand.

And,If you are a hardcore cricket fanatic enjoy the Champions league. If you are from the south western most part of india you are not going to like this edition for some reason and neither am I – but that is because I have had enough.


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