Run Your Own Race

This post was inspired by a post of the Same name by Seth Godin.

Recently I participated in a Marathon the KTM( Kaveri Trail Marathon). On the wave of the starting flag , all runners started off in a mad rush. Keeping out of the other persons way was the main objective as far as i was concerned. Everyone one wanted to out do the other in speed. Take the first place as fast as possible. But after a couple of kms the field kind of thinned out. One could run freely , it was each man to himself. You ran to your own rhythm.

Its quite similar in careers also. At the start of your career you want to get the max paying job. if your friend at college gets a couple of 1000 more you will jump to maintain parity. you are generally forgiven. But in couple of years you would have found your groove and it is the the content and so many other factors which take precedence. Its our internal barometer which should be giving direction to the career. Competition helps – but leaving all our decision making to the competition will spell doom. After all someone is always going to be ahead you at some point. But his race is different.


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