Six Degrees

There is a general belief in Professional circles especially in HR that you are connected to every other person on this world , within six degrees of separation.  Put another way – lets say you wanted to link to President Obama – then you can connect with one of your friends , who would connect with someone – who might be knowing Mr Obama. that is just 2 levels. If it was President Putin ( Russia) it might take another 2 levels. so you get the picture.

But, it actually turns out that this number 6 is no sacrosanct. Apparently Stanley Milgram who tested this concept found that on average it took 5-6 connections to deliver  a package the range was 2-10. (The task was to forward materials from individuals in one part of the country to an individual in another part of the country). so this whole concept of six degrees of separation turns out to be a myth but quite a well accepted one.


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