There are many times when we Request other people for help and do not get any response. Sometimes we get angry – at others we just let it go. Very rarely do we get around to thinking that  possibly there was something which might have not been right in the way we ask for help.

Today I received a request on linked in – I am looking out for better opportunity and request you to view my Linkedin profile and suggest suitable opening listed with you.   

It did not address me by name, the Hi was in the subject line.  I thought of responding to him asking him for his resume. Then I thought, if a guy is not willing to take the effort to even send his resume – should i spend my time with such an individual. I dont have anything against him maybe he was just plain lazy. Next time he gets in touch with a brief of himself – i will do my best  to help.

Linkedin makes it so easy to ask for help. And thats what linkedin is for -to make it easy  to give and receive help. but then it makes it easy for everyone. there are so many people shooting messages on linkedin asking for help. so you have to make it easier for the person to help you.

the above tactic might start you on the wrong foot.


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