How I landed in Recruitment

It was early 99 and I found myself out of job. As was the norm those days i dusted out my Resume , gave some flourishes got it printed at the local DTP shop and did a circuit of Recruiting Firms.

Sending resumes by email was not yet the norm and Naukri not yet heard off. So the only option was to pick up the directory and try to speak to a recruiter ,  then meet him to handover your resume.After that you waited.

Since I came from a Business development background i was on the lookout for similar jobs. As luck would have it I got a call from a leading Recruiting firm asking me to meet them. I did so assuming i would be lined up for a client. Instead i got offered a job at their  Coimbatore.

considering that I had nothing else in hand – I took it assuming that it would be easier to search for other interesting options from within a Recruitment firm(how naive could one get). Recruiting as a Career option had never figured in the wildest of my dreams till then.

So there I was in a new town , alone, with a fairly decent Role and the best part was the Freedom to do your work. I especially enjoyed the interactions with a wide range of candidates and the high that came with every fitment. I was Kind of hooked. Lasted with the same firm for nearly 3.5 years , at various locations and finally left to set up my own shop. Been there ever since. 8 years and running :).

So, how did you land up in your current career?


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