How do you blow of steam?

Was just skimming thru the wordpress when this question popped up. this is a situation that we come across pretty often and i guess most of us would have perfected some strategy to blow of steam.

For me the trick is to walk away from the scene of action. I just have to get away from the spot. If I stay too long I give into to the urge hit back , to say something, anything to set the facts right or hurt the other person.

I take a walk – sometimes 10 minutes , sometimes longer . as long as it takes to make the argument insignificant . and I find it pretty effective , coming back refereshed.

Here are some other ways to blow off steam –

1.  Excuse yourself – Dissociate from the moment by going to a place where you wont be disturbed and take deep breaths.  Shifting the focus and reminding yourself of your broader objectives will re-nergize yourself to face the day to day challenges

2. Music therapy – put on your favorite music in an mp3 player/ or your mobile  and tune into it .

3. Listen to motivational Tapes. Good motivational/or soothing  tapes can free your mind and bring back your Focus.

4. some people prefer to stretch / exercise . If you have a room to yourself why not? Break some sweat – to get back your rhythm.

there are many other tactics available. the key is to get a grip back on yourself by shifting the focus. Tuning into/ or doing an activity which renergizes you and helps you regain your rhythm.

so what do you do to blow off steam? Do share.


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