That time of year

It is that time of year. Diwali is over. The mood is still in nostalgia mode about the fun that we had. for me it was more of just plain lazing around .. watching movies. Saw a string of movies in 3 different languages.

Generally it is that time of year – spent in anticipation. Ever wonder how November month seems to be the most forgotten of all months. if it gets remembered – it is for all the wrong reasons. but as far as work goes – its just an uneventful 30 day period wherein no major projects are lined. Who would want to start something just before a long holiday. I cannot think of a major career related event happening during this month. and my career spans over 15 years.

How often do we have such periods – spent waiting. In limbo. Waiting for the days to pass before we start afresh. I would not like to go into the pros and cons of this. But probably there sould be a way to celebrate this month too.

November means ninth month as per Roman Calendar. why ninth? not eleventh? because Feb and Jan got added later and the last 4 months just kind of retained their original names.

Guess someone will have more insights as to why November doesn’t have more meaning in our career scheme of things.



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