Air India to get 23000 Crores

This was the headline that greeted me today from the Front Page of the businessline.

What is this Governmental Fascination with AirIndia? Every one wants to revive a mammoth non performing entity. Save maybe a few thousand cushy Government Jobs. Is there anything else rational going on here?

This is the flipside of unionism that we are getting to see all too often.

23000 Crores that is around that is 230 Billion Rupees. Infact the airIndia Management had the guts to ask for 43000 Crores but they got half. yet why?

Anyone remember the Jawahar Rojgar Yojana – it reached to lakhs of poor families across the country and its total outlay 10 billion Rs. Even taking into account inflation – it wont reavh this figure of 23000 Billion. why cant they just let a comatose organism die and let the better managed private airlines thrive in their place. These carriers also generate employment. and by outsourcing most of their non core activities they generate 100s of jobs in the secondary level(vendors).


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