expecting and accepting

This post is kind of a comment on seths latest post about the paradox of expectations.
s not easy
If I am not Mistaken The Gita speaks about doing your work and forget about the reward.

High expectations lead to disappointments and emotional drain.

Low expectations give you a life of misery.

So it makes sense to devote completely to the work at hand and leave the rest to the higher being.

Saves you lot of trouble.

But, its not easy. sounds simple, but not easy.

For instance, This week I am organizing a Networking event for Candidates I have interacted with. The objective being to facilitate a mixing and sharing of minds from various firms and functions.
Some Professionals have shown interest. And my fingers are crossed.

If the event brings forth practicable ideas to improve interaction i would consider it a step in the right direction. But, considering that is a first event of its kind that I am organizing , cant say how the candidates would receive it.

My job is to do my bit. The rest is in the hands of the Universal Intelligence as Wayne Dyer puts it.
But the Butterflies they are a-fluttering. 🙂


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