Repetitive Jobs

I was reading this article on WSJ on Catherine Russell a Theatre Actress who has been playing the same play night after night for 25 years. She is easily a record holder of sorts. I cant imagine doing the same thing every evening even if involved acting opposite Aishwariya Rai. I am not an actor:), but thats a different story.

Here one could’nt help comparing this situation with someone working on the same job for 25 years. Catherine is very happy with her job and her role hence this stint. And yes theatre by its very nature provides avenues to vent out your creativity as catherine mentions – she comes up with small variations in her dialogue delivery.

The only jobs that come to my mind where i have heard of people retiring on the job they started with is probably a Station Master of some small remote village, or a Postman. Surely there would be other jobs – but nothing comes to mind.

Imagine what variations the station master might do to make his job more fulfilling. Probably he might he might wave his flag in a different way, hold the lantern differently or even whistle in a different manner.
If we have someone overly creative he might change the colours. might not do him a whole lot of good to hold his job.

Come to think of it everyone of us has portions of work which are repetitive. Do we do anything make those repetitive tasks more fun and interesting.

Just saying.


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