Breaking up

As a small entrepreneur working with a small team one tends to form close relationships with the team members. And when the members leave it can be quite a bitter pill to swallow. I used to take it out on the ex members – not acknowledging the person and shutting down any communication.

Having gone through quite a few such situations over the years I realized that i was doing something wrong. so this post by Dave Balter – On how to Break up with employees rang very true with me.

Balter gives out three reasons for treating well the employees who have decided to leave you. I would go with the first one . which is that in the kind of connected world that we are moving towards – bad relationships can stand out like sore thumbs. Besides, any relationship takes time to reach a level of trust and understanding. So, why throw it all away just because you have made the mistake of taking a persons professional decision – as a personal rejection. Why else would you feel so bitter?

Last month one of my team members decided to leave. Initially, my response was the same one of anger. But, i suppressed it and tried to make sure that the parting was proper and worth remembering. I am glad i was able to part on a wonderful note.


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