travel – a problem?

Another client meeting meandered towards becoming an episode of candidate bashing.  My client a firm with a well known brand name was tired of the apathy shown by candidates for one of his positions- That of an application engineer.

The position by its very nature calls for extensive travel at short notice. It cant be helped. The clients grouse was that , candidates after joining or during the interview come up with questions like how many days would i have to travel. Or if they are already on the job come up with excuses when it comes to having to visit the customer.

Though this is a pretty common complaint I couldn’t help chuckling at the irony of it.  After decades of lousy growth rate – we are seeing some real growth , in IT offcourse but also in manufacturing. The US/Europeans are cursing us for stealing away their jobs and here are employees showing attitude when it comes to taking up ownership.

A problem of plenty. You have so many options so – you place conditions. and this for guys having 2-3 years of experience.

We have come a long way.

but, the story is not all that sad.  I do come across guys who have fire in their belly and are eager to prove themselves. Is it any wonder that they move to the top pretty quick.




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