People , spice and relationships

People are like spice as far as relating with them is concerned. In the right quantity – the spice makes the dish fabulous. Too much – could get a bit like too much. and well too little makes the dish drab ans tasteless.

Let me go a little more deeper on this. One can relate to different people on different time frames. You might have a close friend , or mom or dad or brother/ sister , spouse etc with whom you enjoy relating to on a daily or even hourly basis. Relating as in being around or talking to or doing things together. The vibrations between you and this person are so in tune that their being around is just an extension of you. I mean its perfect. I am sure everyone has someone like that. I guess – without such a person – over long periods, life can get awfully lonely.

Now there are others you enjoy relating to in smaller doses. this could mean weekly or monthly. If you meet this person once a week you enjoy the company. You don’t really have that much in common to relate more often.

And then there are people – our larger circle of friends with whom we meet once a month or so. We know them well enough , would’nt mind infact would enjoy – going out on a trip with them – share a drink etc. but, maybe if we hung around a bit longer – perhaps our nerves mind need some recuperation. I say this purely from my perspective. Because, there are some people especially women whom I find to have excellent relationships with almost everyone they come across.

They could go on and on chit chatting endlessly – and even share deep confidences – with people with whom they have been around for less than  an hour.

Well not my cup of tea.

Probably it has got something to do with how we perceive people. Typically i broadly define people as two types. The first are the ones I would like to relate with as in interact with regularly maybe weekly or even more often.

Into the other bag go all the monthlies and yearly’s. Any more often and my  nerves start coming apart.

Infact i interact pretty well with a lot of people when i meet them new. I am just plain curious about the other person – so there is absolutely no problem in conversing. But, with some people, pretty soon i hit a wall. these are the ones i toss into my box of monthlies and yearly’s.

this post was not meant to be of use to anyone. just a bunch of random thoughts. 🙂


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