Cubicle Generation

All of Business is about People and Relationships and how you carry yourself in your relationships can be an indicator your level of success. This statement is not axiomatic as in not all great business leaders are great in interacting with people but these are the outliers.Steve Jobs is one glaring example. Based on some excerpts of his biography one could say that he was a loner a kind of ascetic. But yet there he is – a billionaire.

Now one could say that being great in relating with people does not quailify you to become a Billionaire. But you can lead a more accomplished life living in a society – where you are able to relate positively with people – than by cutting off connections with the very society which provides you with sustenance. As a Head Hunter I find a remarkable number of people going thru in life believing they can thrive in isolation they dont need anyone else’s company. The thinking Perhaps is the result of the success of the Cubicle as a source of sustenance the Provider


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