Cycling to Work

Today was the first day of my cycling to work. the responses were varied and interesting. The first to comment was a Lady who said with a half smile – going to school? I was having my shoulder bag on.

The next was a little kid from one of the flats waiting for his school bus. he gave out a squeal of delight …

And last was an elderly gent out on his morning walk – who said – good to see you like this.

Besides i got quite a few curious looks.

My office is just over a km from my home so the trip was over in jiffy.

A little background. I have been planning to get a bicycle for quite some time. Yesterday i just walked into a Hercules showroom – liked what i saw and picked up a ACT110. Superb bike very light and very fast. Since yesterday evening i have ridden around 25 kms – including a morning round trip to the Hebbal flyover.

Plan to explore Bangalore on this new addition to my mode of transport and will fill up these pages with the updates.



2 thoughts on “Cycling to Work

  1. Great Francis. The initiative is good for three reasons
    Good health for you
    Saving the environment
    Saving the money
    All the best. Its a motivation to all of us.


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