Changing the World

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – attributed to Margaret Meade.

This statement upfront contradicts our general concept of a dynamic and charismatic Leader – leading and guiding from the front and taking group, the company or country to great achievements.

And somehow on the back of our minds the earlier Meade statement rings a bell. most of the change that we see today is because of groups of people working together in teams and creating life changing products, or coming up with life enhancing medicines .  One can come up with many such examples. And everywhere we see the group play. it is not the lonesome cowboy – who is at the frontier of technology and social change.

that brings us to the question – what is the Role of the Leader?

Over a 100 years ago in his early classic of social psychology, “The Crowd,” the French social critic Gustave LeBon, argued that the role of the leader was more subtle and indirect. According to him it was the crowd and not the Princes and Generals who who were the driving force of Social Change.

Team Anna is a good Example Closer Home. But, as yet we are trying to place Anna as the sole mover in the Movement. One must realize that it is the underlying discontent of the masses which is the actual driving force.



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