The Passion is within you

I was inspired to write this post after reading this Seth Godin article- preparing for Breakthrough Calamity 

Now this post is not for the people who are totally happy with their jobs , those who have found their passion. A lot of people, working people are waiting for that right opportunity , that life changing career move that one job which will help them in realizing all their financial and personal goals.

But in reality it never really happens. that one great job to fulfill all our ambitions never happens. It doesn’t come to pass and we are left waiting. Does it mean that there is something wrong in aspiring for a great job. No absolutely not.

then how do we get around this sad scene of waiting people.

does the answer lie somewhere within ourselves. Does our ideal job , our ultimate career desire have to lie outside of us. should the strings to those be held by someone else. I hope i am not confusing.

Can our effort, and involvement in the job we are at determine the levels of our passion on the job. Can a boring job be converted into a passionate involvement by additional effort on our part. Now this is easier said than done. and When i say effort it need not be physical effort, or hard work in the normal sense of the word. But, yes it would involve moving out of our comfort zone – it requires exceptional effort to do so. and it would involve acceptance – again a lot of effort.

Most times i come across less experienced candidates changing jobs because of reasons of , work settings, ambiance , work content not to their liking. Now all of these are legitimate reasons to look for a change of job. but , can some other change on your part bring about a higher level of work involvement – something that takes you closer to passion towards your job.

There are two ways to finding passion. One is take up a job/career  which you are passionate about. Or, locate your passion in the job that you have in hand or that is within your grasp.


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