Too much knowledge can stifle you.

Too much knowledge can stifle you.

As some one said – too much can be too much.

I was reading this article on HBR – Dont let what you know limit what you can imagine which dwells on the very same issue.

With so much knowledge so easily available that we are enraptured by the immensity of it.We just go on deeper and deeper collecting articles , and the more insight you gain the more there is to know. And its never ending.

I myself have been afflicted by this disorder – many times over. I have to consciously pull myself out of the rut of going through endless  articles.

There’s an old saying analysis leads to paralysis. In spite of all being aware  of the malady , when it comes to decision time – people run and hide behind research.

now , that is not to say that research and analysis are to be avoided. On the contrary we need lots of good research – but there’s a time to move from the drawing board to the field. which a lot of us avoid. a lot of opportunity is lost.





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