Greed ain’t good

Recently we had a candidate lined up for Manager Finance post. She breezed through the rounds, the client feed back being – she was very smart though short on Experience.

The client was quite impressed and decided make an offer for the expected salary.

Once the offer was made the candidate comes  back with more demands.Not only for a salary increase but also for changes in the Job content and various sundry demands. Even though the client would have been flexible to accommodate the candidate to some extent the way it was presented showed a certain level of immaturity and high handedness.

We advised the client to just drop the offer and not to pursue it any further. For a senior position like this emotional maturity is key. Knowledge and great qualifications are important but without the requisite maturity to handle reportees can have a greater negative impact on the organisation.

This candidate had completed CA only 3months back and had negotiated a 50% hike with her current firm. Now after getting the expected hike , again renegotiating is not going to be a productive option.


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