Qualities to Look for in a Sales person

When I hire a sales guy the first thing that I look for is the spunk. Skills can be taught. Does’nt take much time to run the sales guy through a grill of product, service and company backgrounds.

But, when it comes to the personality and attitude towards sales – it needs some heavy training to tune the person to selling. In a lot of cases we find that a presentable guy with decent communication skills easily makes it through the interview process. But when it comes to do the grindwork of sales – most miss the mark.

Now there is a new Fad – called Social Media. It is effective no doubt. But, hiding behind the laptop hoping to get all your sales contacts by browsing the Facebook and Linked without going to the field is not going to provide any results. I faced such an example and it took me some time to realize that we have quite a nice guy here – but not cut for sales. all the right talks but not the right moves.


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