Celebrating New Year

Yesterday( 1/1/12)  we drove down from Chennai after spending the last Week of 2011 with our extended Family. this post is not about how we spent that time. But, as we drove closer home entering Bangalore at the evening Rush Hour my son popped a question.

It was a vague question of the like only he can ask. He wanted to know who was the President of India. That was simple and my wife responded it was Pratibha Patil. To which he said that was yesterday – today being a new Year – who was the New President. And we all had a nice laugh to which i could’nt help a chuckle – because immediately my mind alerted me for a blog topic.

But, the fact is no one really bothers about who the President is. But, what if we could time the new year for sweeping changes – in leaderships across the country and say across the globe. Possibly we might have legislation to continue using the same here. Forget about celebrating the New year – we would’nt be able to even mention.

But honestly the kind of anticipation and release that goes with the onset of New year it subconsciously triggers change in the way we do things. Most of us keep resolutions – which we may eventually break – but atleast there is the desire.

And just now i was reading Seth Godin who says ” Celebrate New Year’s when you want to, and as often as you choose. They’re your resolutions, not ours.”

Would it be a good idea to celebrate a new half year every six months and celebrate with equal gusto.

what do ya think?





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