How does a Sharpshooter Become a General

Arjuna Bow and Arrow

Ever Come Across A great Sharp shooter becoming the General of an army. I am Not sure if there ever was one.
Arjuna yes! And he went on to lead an army in an epic battle. But the point is that sharp shooting alone was not his Forte. He had many other great abilities which lead him to his role and having an advisor in Krishna would have really tilted the scales.

Lets move on. why this statement about the sharp shooter. The story has its reflections on your career. Your Technical skills are like those of the sharp shooters – he has mastered the physical aspects – the gun weight, wind speed, distance, steadiness of hands , and sight. Similarly, when you are applying for a job you have mastered certain  specific skills , whether engineering , selling IT skills .etc. your ability to do the job at that level depends on your knowledge of the subject primarily.

But , as you move to the next level and the levels above , subject knowledge takes a second place . It takes you through the door. But, to rise up the ladder it will be the soft skills, your skills in leading people , Communication, Business Writing , etiquette , managing time , these will help you manage and lead men.


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