Goals Goals Goals

Goals Goals Goals

Ask any career professional today where they are going or where they would like to be in 5 years time, or even a years time invariably the answer would be vague or just plain I don’t know.

Some would even jokingly tell they don’t know where they would be tomorrow – so 1 year is too long a time frame. But seriously, whom are you kidding?

We live in world which believes in living by the second. The internal compasses are tuned to the fads of the day the latest gizmos. No one is able to think any further than the neighbours I-pad. Our goals and objectives are limited to that.

Career progression is of late equivalent to job change. You want to move ahead – change jobs. Any personal or career goals are achieved they seem to be so by accident.

This approach over the long run is a sure shot recipe for disaster. The Road to destruction as they say – is paved with goal-less ness.

All is not lost we at Winstream are specifically trying to address this issue by running programs oriented to goal Setting. We have one such coming up on the March 3rd titled Goals Goals Goals!.

This Goal setting Seminar can help you take control of many areas of your life Self Esteem, Relationships,Communication , Career/Life , finances and other deeper crisis that you might be facing so that you know where you are going , how you intend to get there, when you are likely to get there and what you intend to do when you arrive. Goal setting is a never ending process where one goal seamlessly leads you to another.

This Goal Setting program will provide you with the Nuts and Bolts of Goal Setting in an easily executable manner.

You can Register for the event here. 


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