Goal Setting – why not?

Goal Setting - Why not
Goal Setting - Why Not

Inspite of the Many advantages of goal Setting that have been eloquently spoken about and very enthusiastically accepted the fact remains that very few people actually set Goals.

statistics reveal that some of the reasons why people do not set goals include :

  • they do not understand the importance of goal setting.
  • they don’t know how – to set goals
  • they are afraid they wont achieve what the goals they have set 

Brian Tracy a well known motivational speaker says that 97% of the people don’t set goals. and of that 97% less than 1% actually write down their goals.


why is goal Setting such a under utilized process.

why isnt it taught in colleges, and schools?

why dont Businesses embrace this process and reap the rewards of Greater profitability and market presence. Let me assure you that the Businesses that do utilize this process are very successful.

There is a Goal Setting event Organized by Winstream on the 3rd of March. Gain deep insight into the necessary art of setting your Goals Register Here! 



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