Possibility Thinking

Possibility Thinking

You would agree that the world is going through a very dynamic phase. The number of paradigm shifts that happened in 2011 would be mind boggling. We have lived through a year of enormous changes.

Economically, India and especially the BRICK countries would have reasons to celebrate. As the world order changes the kind of options opening up for people in these countries are unbelievable. But, I find not many of us are willing to take the chances. We are stuck in the old school.

What we need here is a healthy dose of Possibility Thinking. It is ever more important to become aware of the possibilities in the situations that are being thrown up and viewing life as more than just a struggle to survive, but an exciting array of challenges and opportunities.

The security mindset is still widely prevalent. Our parents grew up in a period of limited opportunities so for them pouring all their efforts into that one job and holding on to it at all costs made sense. Because it was only that one job that likely gave them the financial security. But, in this day and age over dependence on a particular job to fulfill all our desires and passions is a limiting factor.

Time to think up and imagine the possibilities. Out grow and out reach those fears and limiting beliefs that are stifling you. If you can picture the possibilities you can view your situation in a more positive manner. By constructing multiple viewpoints doors can be opened for greater flexibility and constructive action.

Possibility thinking starts with the conviction that you can make a difference and achieve great things. Searching for the possibilities sometimes involves the mental skill of finding options and possibilities that may be right under one’s nose. The simpler they are, the more likely they will elude us.

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