The Launch

This is a series of Posts I plan to Make about the Building/setting up  or Launch  of Winstream.

We officially launched on the 11th of Jan. Not much Fanfare – Just business as usual. I started meeting clients and explaining to them about the background of Winstream.

This was as far are Corporate Training was concerned.

Parallely my partner Joseph has been busy parlaying with Institutes and BPOs to train Freshers and new corporate entrants  on Soft/Behavioral skills.

So it has been a week of long meetings with the heads at the Institutes and with trainers to finalize a Panel.

And as I keep reminding everyone – getting sufficient candidates would be the key here which translates to some heavy marketing efforts.

Amidst all this i can feel a Buzz. The excitement of being part of a startup can just cant be duplicated. Its real fun meeting people from a diverse section of the Professional arena – Veterans of the education space , corporate folks and newbies.

We have set ourselves some very stiff targets which we hope to run towards in a systematic and steady manner. along the way there will be challenges all kinds of them . But, with the kind of extended team that We are working with – We have a spring in our steps – no challenge – too difficult.

This series of posts are going to be a kind of a sounding board for me. To help me keep my thoughts on track.

hope to make the next post a week down.

We have two events lined up :

Public Speaking and Presentation skills 

Dare to Dream – a Goal Setting Event

any thoughts , suggestions or feel like joining us in our quest feel free to write or comment.

You can help us to Publicize the event by clicking “Like” , sharing it or leaving a comment.

Thanks & good Day!


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