Are you afraid of setting goals?

There are several reasons for not being able to set goals.  One of them is basically the fear of setting goals.   The fear could arise on different counts – fear of setting a goal, fear of not achieving it, fear of failing, fear of setting too high a goal and vice versa.   Some actually fear success too because success brings with it change and people are not comfortable with change, even if it is for the better.


Rather than talk about the shortfalls of not setting goals, let us think about the advantages of setting goals.

Goals will

  • Keep us focused on our lives from time to time
  • Give us the push needed to achieve greater things
  • Give us more chances to win
  • Improve your self image
  • Make you more responsible

Abraham Lincoln once said that ‘A goal well set is half way reached’.   Nothing is achieved without taking that first positive step.  If we continue living the way we are used to and expect miracles to land in our lives, we have only ourselves to blame.   Fear is natural when it comes to a desire for change.   But we need to overcome the fear with a firm resolve and the strength of purpose to move forward.


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