Career Planning tips and Strategies

Career Planning is a never ending Process. It is not something like you do once and lo and behold there it is your path in front of you and all you got to do is walk. Career planning is a continuous process of thinking and executing and then coming back to the drawing board to relook and fine tune to keep yourself on track towards your dreams. 

Career  Planning Begins with an understanding of the Self. On the following lines.. Your

  • Interests
  • Values
  • Skills/Aptitudes
  • Preferred Environments

Someone who is just setting out on ones career – this would require sitting with a senior a mentor or guide or a Teacher. to give proper perspective to the thoughts and inputs that you provide.

So ones you are done with a detailed self assessment , it would throw up options for you to choose from. This would involve some groundwork  In terms of reading about the industries , the sectors and the jobs they have to offer. You could talk to people in the respective industries and jot down all the responses.

then a detailed study and comparison will help you in the next process of finding a good match between your attributes based on your self assessment and the jobs available. This is a detailed process and again better to take the help of a professional or a guide. Because understanding what the individual jobs involve takes time and is difficult to understand purely based on the Job Descriptions advertised.

the next process would involve the Brass Tacks – or ground level preparations and applications for interview and actually attending  those  interviews.

that makes career planning sound very simple . But there are pitfalls, guidelines when you get into the process. I will continue with more posts on the topic .




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