Business Skills for Success

Speaking – It is said – ‘The fear of Public Speaking rates next only to the fear of Drowning’. While speaking is the most natural means of communication available to us, having to face an audience could convert an otherwise strong personality into a nervous wreck. You need to overcome it and the best way to do so is to train and practice. It might feel more comfortable working from the safety of your desk but at some point you are going to have to present. Better to have some experience under your belt before being forced to

Time Management –

Recently , at a meeting with a prospective client the Mandate we received was – to help their Middle Management to buckle up on time Management as delayed deliverables were leading to delayed revenues. His Words. Time Management has a direct bearing on the organisations revenues. the relationship is that much more striking in project type firms.

And simply put if you have to do it anyway better do it on time. It reduces stress . Makes people happy. And generates respect.

Public speaking and Presentation skills Program 




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