Resume Writing Tips

What is the purpose of writing your resume?

If you replied – ” Landing a Job” then my friend you are wrong. the purpose of the resume is to land an interview. The interview will land you a Job hopefully.

Due to this mistaken understanding a lot of candidates end up typing out long winded resumes which are more like personal histories than resumes.

They Say Quantity Kills – Quality Sells 

You have certain qualities which overlap with the Candidate Qualities mentioned in the Job Ad. Focus on those Qualities and develop on those alone. Flesh it out with instances when those qualities resulted in a positive organisational contribution. Link your qualities to the how they can help you in being more  effective on the job.

The tendency is to list out a Landry List of qualities and hoping for them to stick. These general resumes dont cut it. Especially in the information overload job space of today.

Tap the Key…. words 

Now, every firm has an database software which screen the resumes based on key words. Gone the days when the recruiter pored over your resume page to page using the first shortlist.

So, if your resume does’nt match the key words of the Job Advertisement then good luck to you. Check the job description to get a clue on what key words the employer might be looking out for.

to be continued ….


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