Down Market=More education

Wrote this post in 2009/2010 when the jobs were a bit tight.

the current scenario is different but yet there are people I find who are not able to break in and unable to find jobs. So this advice to applies to those people.

This post is directed towards the Graduates/Post Graduates who are likely to pass out in a down market like the one we are experiencing now.

If you happen to be passing out in the year 2009 or 2010 my advice to you would be to hang on. Try to continue your education go in for masters or if you are already masters go for a phd or dual masters if possible. Even if that be in a not so great univ keep it as an option.

Freshers in such an economic scenario are the last thing in the minds of corporates. Typically a fresher would take atleast an year to start delivering any real value. In such a scenario the preferred option is to defer the Freshie’s recruitment.

Now suppose a corporate in your chosen field is not taking Freshers for this year or it has postponed it for a year. the next year when they go for recruitment they would rather take the absolute Fresh stock than the Fresh yet not quite Fresh stock. So would you want to take such a gamble.

Rather if you continued your education in the chosen line you display your commitment to the chosen field plus when you come to the market you wont be losing out on the Fresh tag. Plus in a year or two the market dynamics would be entirely different.

The post was inspired by a someone known to me who did not go in for higher studies inspite of having an option and chose to try and get an entry into the corporate. Well, as you guessed the person is still struggling. The reason for not opting was that the stipend offered was not to expectations.

If the picking are few dont be too choosy. that could be the title for the next post.

Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits

Think it over.


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