Living the 7 habits

Just a couple of days ago I finished reading this book by Stephen Covey – Living the Seven Habits. The book is a collection of stories of people who had their life completely changed by using the principles mentioned in the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – also by the same Author.

Some of the stories mentioned in this book are really inspiring. But, as it usually happens after you read a great and inspiring book the desire to make changes  lasts for a while, but, inevitably diminishes as you get caught up in your other activities.

SO, I was wondering how to make the leanings and the inspiration last for a little while longer. One was to write a summary of a couple of pages and keep it in my diary. Which is what I wanted to do. But, as I started , I thought why not post it here on your Blog – you can access it and so can a few more people , some of whom might find it useful. So thats how this post happened.

As I said some of the stories were really inspiring. I will include only those here.

The First was You’re Successful but are you happy?

This is the story of a young guy who was very successful in his professional life. But a question from the author( the person who sent the story) created a sea change in this guys outlook to life, and he decided to give up his very successful career – choosing rather to set up a roofing company – hammering wooden roofs on to buildings. This guy was working in a telecommunications firm , while his passion was in working with wood.

there is this other story of an alcohol addict who landed in the prison as he was involved in an accident in which his friend got killed.

while in prison instead of reacting to the environment he chose to work within his circle of influence. By choosing to be proactive he was able to manage his business successfully, and was also able to hold on to and revive a breaking marital relationship. As of the writing of the book he was still in prison but his outlook to life was truly positive and uplifting.

PS: this exercise might take much longer than I thought . Will include the other stories in future posts





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