Want to Succeed at Work ? Then don’t try to do your Job

That sounds like an oxymoron. Succeed at work and not do your job?

There  is more to this statement than that. Look at something larger more meaningful, something that blends your values with your best ability to help others. I am sure sure you know the story of the brick workers laying bricks. Never mind , I guess it i worth repeating here.

there was this brick layer working at a Temple site. And some good souls asked him – what are you doing? and he said I am laying bricks – cant you see for yourself.?

the good soul moved on and asked another brick layer further down what he was doing and this fella responded – I am building a Temple.

I am sure and you would agree that the second fella found his work more meaningful.

It is the same with us too. if we can look at our work as part of something larger – we will find more meaning – we wont just be doing our jobs we would be building , organisations and also our careers.


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