Jo Hai Woh Nahin Hai

Jo Hai Woh Nahin Hai , Aur Jo Nahin Hai Woh Hai 

Most of us will recognize this dialogue from an Amitabh starrer. Which one I don’t remember – will be glad if someone gave me the movie name.

The reason I mention it here is because its so easy for us to loose perspective. In the midst of the continuous flow of information one gets completely lost. Consider any media the Newspaper , TV everywhere the news is no more just news – it is packaged in away to get your attention – to get your buy in otherwise it loses out.

So its no wonder that we over react to the slightest bad news. a couple of bad quarters and we start wondering if our strategies are right, have we taken up more than we could deliver- all the rot. Its crucial at these moments to have the right perspective.

When we suffer setbacks – perspective flies out the window. But all is not lost. It can be regained by following a few small steps –

Accept and acknowledge what has happened. Denial doesnt help.

Put the setback in context. Dig deeper There is always more to the story. We can’t allow one setback—or even a series of setbacks—to define us. Failure is not the end unless you quit.

Seek out the positive Sounds cliched but positives are there to be found.

Get a Move on  The difference between winning and losing is not the number of setbacks.everyone experiences setbacks and winners especially. The difference is in whether or not you get up when you fall down and keep moving forward.

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