Fresh and Beaten Hollow

Met a Fresh graduate today an MTech to boot. He passed out in 2011 – M T ech Computer Science and is still out of Job.

Frankly I didnt have any sympathy for him In fact I don’t have any sympathy for 25 year olds who go through life half dead, because they haven’t found a job.

This guy came through a referral so I agreed to meet. Our man turns up with a beard, chap-pals and jeans and a distinct un bathed look.If this is how he presents  himself to someone he is asking for help in finding a job,  what kind of confidence is he likely to generate? Why should the person help him?

I felt 3/4th of the situation was of his own making. How does he expect to be shortlisted from a 10000 other Graduates with similar percentages if this is how he appears at interviews.

No wonder organizations find it difficult to find the candidates. Inspite of availability of enough and more number of graduates with the right technical qualifications.

How do we address this issue.


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