How to Job Hunt

If you are  a Fresh Graduate whatever stream – out of Campus and without a Job – chances are that the next few months are going to be tough. So better brace yourself for uncertainty and rejection and get on with it.

A lot of graduates take some time adjusting to this factor of uncertainty. They have been trained to work hard for the exams and get good marks. If you work hard then good marks are a given.

But the reality at the work place is similar but there is a twist. You might work hard to prepare for the interview but still not get through.

And Besides , even before the interview there is a greater hurdle to clear. Getting the Call. Most Candidates I come across , get dejected and beaten down waiting for the interview call letter. they apply and wait. Yesterday , I met a guy an MTech who told me he applied for nearly a 100 job openings and he is waiting. He attended some 5 interviews – over a period of 1 year.

Is there something wrong in this approach?

Can you do something other than just waiting for the response.

Imagine how much time you would waste in the wait. Time you could have utilized in doing productive stuff.

continued …..



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