Job Hunting – 2

One thing which I find to be a real Job Search deterrent among most Fresh Job Hunters is the mindset. The entitlement Raj mindset.

I have done MBA, BE, MTech or whatever from a reputed institute – so surely I deserve a job. Offcourse you deserve a job . But, you don’t deserve every job you apply for. That decision rests with someone else.

It is upto you to make yourself deserving of the Job in contention by displaying the right Attitude and Competence. I deserve this Job – so I should get this job is definitely not the right attitude.

There are a lot of things which you can do to make yourself more deserving of the job. Some of these are in your control – and some not.

the ones not in your control are your qualifying marks , the institute you passed out of, your sex , nationality etc

But what you do have in your control are

  • Your level of confidence.
  • Your Attitude
  • How you Present yourself
  • Communication
  • Level of Preparation

And any other skill that can make your interaction with the interviewer better. Al these skills are in your control and can be improved.

Its upto you to devote time and effort to improve those skills.



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